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​The time is NOW to get to know yourself
& your community on an entirely new level!

Let’s discover our greatest selves- together!
Let’s release all blocks toward success- together!
Let’s build a strong community rooted in unity- together!
Let’s answer our calling- together!
Let’s walk the path of our shared destinies- together!


*You don't have to be local to connect with many of our offerings! *

Meet our Sponsors!

Dog giving a high five

Vicky Cwiertnie

Animal Healer & Communicator

Animal Communication Consultations and Training--Learn how to better understand the animals around you! Have you ever wished you knew what your animal companions were trying to tell you?  Do you KNOW that you already communicate with your animals and want to learn more?  Gain a deeper understanding of your animal companions, create deeper connections and find information to support their health and wellness through animal communication consultations.  Take your connections with animals to another level with an Animal Communication training course.  

I am a Certified Professional Animal Communicator and Instructor, assisting you with:
⦁    Finding the keys to help you understand your animals better
⦁    Discovering insight into things that you feel may be "off" with your animal companions
⦁    Helping you to find ways for your pets to live their best lives
⦁    Teaching you the skills to open up your communication with animals
It doesn't matter where you live--all consultations and training classes are held via phone or remote learning! 


Dowsing Pendulum over Tarot

Whitney Schrader

Energy Healer & Intuitive

Call: 443-812-3764

Let's turn your baggage into your toolbox & ignite the power within you!


Distant or in person energy healing, spiritual & life coaching, meditations, office & business clearings, intuitive readings, motivational speaking!

Child Physiotherapy

AAA Physical Therapy

Holistic PT Across All Ages

Call  443-979-7171

We help active youth and adults recover from injury, overcome their fear of movement and achieve fitness without relying on pain medications and preventing unnecessary surgery. Exceptional Care that begins by knowing YOU, YOUR VALUES, and YOUR GOALS. Get Answers to your Pain and Movement Questions. Diagnose your movement dysfunction and pain problems.

Massage room

Maria Petrucci, DC

Chiropractic & CranioSacral    

Call 240-394-2037 or email

Body-Mind-Spirit Alignment 
Dr. Maria helps adults with chronic pain and tension, low energy, restricted movement, and stress to return to a healthy state of well-being by balancing body structure and calming the nervous system.  
Services and offerings include: 
⦁    gentle chiropractic care 
⦁    craniosacral therapy 
⦁    mind-body-spirit oriented classes 
⦁    body-mind-spirit treatment packages 
offered in a safe, unrushed atmosphere, clearing blocks that stand in the way of your health, happiness, and a fulfilling life. 

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