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​The time is NOW to get to know yourself
& your community on an entirely new level!

Let’s discover our greatest selves- together!
Let’s release all blocks toward success- together!
Let’s build a strong community rooted in unity- together!
Let’s answer our calling- together!
Let’s walk the path of our shared destinies- together!


Upcoming Events

(In person and on zoom)
Members & sponsors attend for FREE

Non Members $15

November 19 at 2pm

Karan Almond

Seagoat Cellular Detox

Presentation: Part 2 of BEcoming SELF


You are invited to attend the second presentation in the Human Design "Becoming SELF" series Sunday November 19th at 2pm.  Karan will review basic information on the Human Design system and will discuss the Strategy of each of the 4 Auric Types, how to communicate with them, and how to begin applying Strategy to your daily life.  Please follow this link to run your free chart with the basic chart properties before the session so that you know what your specific Auric Type and Strategy is.

Karan is really excited to share this with you because it has changed the quality of her relationships and life! 


Find out more about Karan


Members & sponsors attend for FREE

Non Members $15

Jenn Jacob.jpg

December 17 at 2pm

Jenn Palmer & Jacob Palmer

Nourishing Journey

Manifest & Sound Bath!


Join Jenn and Jacob for a group sound bath to clear the debris of 2023,

and open the path for your 2024 wishes to come in!

In this meeting Jenn and Jacob will hold discussion with everyone about what they would like their next year to look like. Then they will do their incredibly serene sound bath to clear energies as a group. This empowering event will rejuvenate your energy to align with your desires! There's never been a better time to ignite your passion and unite with other like minded souls! 

Find out more about Jenn


Members & sponsors attend for FREE

Non Members $15

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