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Conscious Collaboration Community

Initiative By Nourishing Journey

Our Networking Group

Welcome to the Conscious Collaboration Community, Beautiful Soul!

Our mission is to collaborate and support each other to successfully, lovingly, and joyfully bring a tidal wave of service to our communities! Our efforts will construct new 5d networking systems for the future of humanity, building a new approach to creating communities and connecting like-minded individuals where we utilize each other’s expertise and abilities for the greater good of serving others. We are joining forces to maximize the potential for reciprocity of inspiration, guidance, growth, and opportunities.

Our vision is to create the feeling of a sacred circle of people coming together to collaborate. How can we utilize that connection to create a better world?
This is not about selling yourself.


It’s about creating a more conscious business atmosphere where we are:

  • Supporting each other and those we serve

  • Supporting each other in growth and expansion

  • Moving from competition to collaboration

  • Moving from lack mentality to embodying the frequency of abundance

There has never been a greater time on Earth for healing mind, body, and spirit and helping positive and spiritually aligned people find and support each other.
Now is the time.  How do we come together in this economic climate and thrive?

Humanity is going through major evolutionary changes. We are waking up to our own power and recognizing the evolutionary processes we are going through as individuals and as a collective. We are all expanding our Consciousness & awareness of our actions, behaviors, thoughts, beliefs, and perceptions of reality and ourselves. We are going through a massive awakening.

You don't have to be a member to come to an event. Becoming a member saves you money, gets you listed in the directory, gets you access to our online community and opens up opportunities to present to the group. Membership is only $7 per month.


Sign up as a member or sponsor here!


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